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Nobody cares about your strength goals as much as we do

What’s the greatest vision you have for yourself? That’s what we’re here to build. Fitness isn’t about being good at the gym; rather, it’s about having the confidence to do whatever gets you fired up. You train in here so you can be great out there.

We’re the coaches at Greater Culture

Our dedicated team of experienced coaches is the heart and soul of our gym. Each coach brings their own unique skill set, background, and enthusiasm to help you master new techniques, overcome obstacles, and reach new heights in your fitness journey.

Founder | Coach

Brad Marshall

Brad Marshall has been fascinated with human performance along with helping people live happier, healthier lives for as long as he can remember. Over the last decade, he has trained athletes, military personnel, corporate executives, law enforcement, first responders, and individuals who have big goals for how they want their lives to unfold.

If you want to know what excites him most, take one of his classes and see what happens when you put in effort and get closer to your goals. He loves helping and coaching others in the areas of movement, mindset, nutrition, and recovery.

Brad has certainly worked to educate himself and gain the necessary skills and knowledge to provide the best experience to his clients, earning certifications in the following areas:

  • Master’s degree in sport psychology
  • CrossFit Level 2 trainer
  • Five years of coaching CrossFit classes
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Certified in Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction certified
  • O23 Level 2 Holistic Lifestyle Coaching certified (@o23_lifestyle_systems)
  • O2X Mental Performance Specialist
  • Member of Best Hour of Their Day Coach Development Group since 2021 (@besthouroftheirday)
  • Self-proclaimed Big Bootie Mix playlist expert (“12” is a favorite)

You can catch Brad playing softball, working on his golf game, volunteering at local fitness events, or enjoying all things superheroes when he’s not working with others. He loves to travel with his wife Emily, and when possible, he combines taking in the local scenery with watching major CrossFit events. He has taken on the new role of puppy dad with their dog Tux, too.

Brad has been relentlessly figuring out how to elevate the quality of life of others through the practices of movement, nutrition, recovery, and mindset. He’s beyond excited to work with others who share his mission of living happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives.

Founder | Coach

Chelsea Blum

Chelsea Blum is a coach and movement specialist with a passion for improving quality of life and fitness experiences. After almost a decade in the fitness industry, starting as a customer service rep at East Carolina University’s Rec Center to coaching athletes at National Weightlifting meets, she has gained experience across the whole field.
Throughout her career, the theme that remains most true is her desire to provide the best product to her athletes and clients.

Chelsea’s experience is backed with continual learning as well as a master’s in sport management, eight years of CrossFit and USA Weightlifting coaching, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer Certificate, USA Weightlifting Advanced Performance Coach Certification, and an NC Weightlifting Treasurer position. She has also led athletes to multiple National USA Weightlifting Meets.

Outside the gym (and inside, too), Chelsea and her husband Eric have two (wild) boys and (an even wilder) new puppy Rex! She is known for her ability to consume large amounts of media content (like, too much) and her recommendations (that you didn’t need) on which podcast or Netflix show you should listen to or watch next.

If you want to see how you can move better, improve your health, and enjoy your fitness, check out one of Chelsea’s classes at Greater Culture.


Emily Marshall

Emily is a passionate, lifelong learner of the best practices in health, nutrition, and performance. Despite being an English teacher by trade, she spends a great deal of time and energy in the gym and in the kitchen, constantly figuring out new ways to help her 30-something year-old body move well and function properly on a daily basis! She’s tried just about every eating plan and workout regimen out there: paleo, keto, running, cycling, globo gym body building… you name it! After digging in her heels for years, Emily finally started CrossFit about five years ago and has been swimming in the Kool-Aid ever since. She especially enjoys the variety of workouts and movements CrossFit subscribes to, including Olympic weightlifting, rowing, and- her favorite- handstand push-ups 😏 Plus, with the help of her coaches, she’s been able to learn how to effectively fuel her body to allow her to excel inside and outside of the gym.

As a former collegiate golf and softball athlete, Emily enjoys competing against herself and testing her own limits daily through CrossFit. She recently received her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate and is excited to help fellow athletes uncover their potential, achieve new milestones in their fitness journeys, and recognize that they can do hard things 💪

While not working out, you can find Emily traveling around the country with her husband @marshallman39, playing with their new 🐶 Tux, and rating Crumbl cookies with her gym family (on high carb days, of course)…

Our Passion Is In Your Progress

Where passion meets perseverance! Rooted in a tight-knit community, we are more than just a gym – we are family. Our name symbolizes the unbreakable bond we share and our collective drive to overcome any challenge. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just embarking on your fitness journey, our dedicated coaches and supportive members ensure you feel right at home. Step into our box and experience a fusion of camaraderie, commitment, and contagious energy. At Greater Culture CrossFit, we stand together, sweat together, and celebrate every victory, big or small. Join us and be part of our thriving family!


We’re passionate about what we do and we’re on a mission to help people of all ages, all fitness levels and from all walks of life to discover that fitness doesn’t have to be a chore or a struggle. It’s all about making it fun, making it effective and making every moment count.

Our Promise To You

We promise that we will never treat you as a number or leave you behind. Whether this is your first time training, you are recovering from injury or you want to get to peak competition fitness, we’ll be with you every step and rep of the way.

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